Mar 31, 2008

Weekend Happenings

I’m back to work this cloudy Monday morning feeling renewed from the weekend. We kept busy, but not too busy that we didn’t have time to relax. Friday night we visited with Kevin’s cousin Donovan and his wife Ebony who live on the Westbank of New Orleans. Kevin and Donovan are like brothers so when they get together they do a lot of ragging on each other. I love seeing Kevin interact with Donovan because it helps me to get to know him more, especially since Donovan doesn’t hold back when it comes to bringing up funny stories from Kevin’s past. It’s always great to spend time with them.

Saturday morning we went to the New Orleans Arts Market in Palmer Park to check out some local talent. We walked the park for a couple of hours admiring but not buying (it’s pretty expensive) and eventually grabbed some lunch in the park before coming home. And although I didn’t come home with any art, I did come home with the inspiration to try to create my own art, which I figure will be a lot cheaper :) Just a side note, every time I passed by a woodworker’s tent, I couldn’t help but think of my paw-paw Raymond who is now deceased. He was a boat builder and a woodcarver, and hands down, one of the greatest artists that I have ever known. As a child I often took his talent for granted, but now, as an adult, I realize how precious a gift it was that God gave him. I would give anything to have just half of the creative talent that he did. I miss him.

Saturday night we went to a “surprise” birthday party (she found out) for one of our friends from our apartment building. It was a blast hanging out with a few couples from the building. We had ice cream cake, tried to learn the “Soulja Boy” dance together (yes, some seminary students do dance), and played a competitive game of Movie Scene-It. It was probably my favorite event of the weekend.

Sunday we headed to South Lafourche Baptist Church again where Kevin preached for the Sunday morning and night services. In between services we were able to get some rest at the home of a nice couple from the church.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a great week ahead. Kevin’s Spring Break is officially over so please pray for him as he finishes up the second half of the semester.

Until next time,



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