Apr 28, 2008

Grocery Shopping

These days there’s nothing I dread more than a trip to the grocery store. I didn’t always feel that way, but lately I seriously have to mentally prepare myself for this despised chore. I am sitting here with my grocery list staring me down thinking about the “why?” of the matter, and I believe I’ve narrowed it down to a few good reasons:

1. Groceries are expensive! Every time I get to the checkout line I stand in utter disbelief that THOSE things cost THAT much. It never fails.

2. So because the price of groceries is absolutely despicable, we try to shop at discount supermarkets (ahem...Wal-Mart). Now, I love Wal-Mart but there’s no getting TO Wal-Mart fast and there’s no getting OUT of Wal-Mart fast here in New Orleans (Can I get an "Amen"?) The trip has literally turned into a “date night” for Kevin and I because it takes so long that we normally have to eat out. Craziness...

3. Due to time constraints, our trips to Wal-Mart are few and far between so we always stock up while we’re there (I’m sure others look at our buggy and wonder when the famine is going to hit). The loaded down buggy translates into a pile of plastic bags that must be transported from the buggy to the car, from the car to the front door of our second floor apartment, and from the front door to the pantry or refrigerator. Talk about a workout!

4. Lastly, I always leave the store having allowed my circumstances to control my attitude, which is something I desperately need to work on. I can’t seem to let go of the fact that somehow someone got their sliced deli meat before me even though I had been standing there for a good 20 minutes (suddenly the basic principles of Christianity evade me) ...Or the fact that the lady with the cell phone can’t hear me asking her to move her buggy so that I can push mine through the already crowded aisle... and that buggy with the spastic wheel wrapped in a hairball that I ALWAYS grab... yeah, don’t even get me started on the “10 items or less” checkout line or the infamous self checkout *sigh*

So here I find myself, grocery list in hand, knowing WHY I don’t like trips to the grocery store, yet finding no way to avoid them. Perhaps there is a spiritual lesson in all of this. I'll ponder that as I weave my way through the aisles this afternoon and get back with you on that another day.

Until then...


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