May 1, 2008

Happy May!

I can’t believe uno de Mayo is here already! And from the looks of my planner, this will be a pretty busy month for the Celestin's. According to the calendar, here’s the lineup:

Weekend 1: My family is coming to visit us at the seminary! My parents and sister are coming in on Friday (tomorrow!) afternoon to hang out and spend the night, and then the rest of the clan will join us on Saturday. There is much family fun to be had!

Weekend 2: We will attend our first ever Bat Mitzvah for my boss’s daughter. Thankfully, Kevin is taking Hebrew this semester and will hopefully be able to translate the Hebrew parts for me :) I'm actually really looking forward to this experience.

Weekend 3: I’m in a friend’s wedding. This will be a long weekend, including a bachelorette party on Thursday, rehearsal on Friday, and wedding on Saturday. I anticipate lots of traveling and not enough sleep.

Weekend 4: We’re going to another friend's wedding in Lake Charles. More traveling. Any chance gas prices will go down by then? Fortunately, this is a long weekend (thank you, Memorial Day!)

Weekend 5: Free Weekend! We'll need the rest because the following weekend we'll be attending yet another wedding, this time in Sunny Florida! This will be my first beach wedding, so I'm pretty excited!

I'll be sure to keep you posted as the events unfold. Hope your May is a good one!


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