May 5, 2008


Not much going on with me this lazy Monday, but my hubby called a little while ago and informed me that he's been a busy little bee today (OK, so he didn't use the phrase "busy little bee" :) So far today he has 1) cleaned the apartment, all the way down to mopping the floors! 2) fixed the fan over the stove (to catch the smoke from my cooking...ha, just kidding), 3) fixed the radio in the Montero (when the battery dies the radio stops working, and it takes an act of congress to get it working again), and 4) put a "sweeper" at the bottom of our front door to prevent any unwelcome visitors (aka mice) from coming in through the crack. What a man! Apparently, Cinco de Mayo got those honey-do juices flowing...haha. Seriously though, I can't say enough about how wonderful a husband he is :) I have so much to be thankful for...


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