Jun 8, 2008

Back and Burnt

Well, we're back from our whirlwind weekend in Florida! The trip was short, but we had lots of fun. Kevin and I rode with my parents and siblings (except for E and his girlfriend, who had to leave later). We made the most of our road trip by playing a really looong game of Last Word. We arrived at our hotel late Friday afternoon, quickly unpacked the van, and headed out to meet the wedding party for diner. By the time all the diner festivities were over, we were all exhausted so we made our way back to the hotel for some zzz's. My brothers (groomsmen) had plans to play golf with the groom early Saturday morning, but the rest of us slept in and headed to the beach later in the morning. The following are my thoughts about our time at the beach:

  1. Apparently early June is a popular time to head to Pensacola Beach.
  2. We arrived at the beach during the hottest part of the day.
  3. We thought we could sit in the pretty beach chairs with the umbrellas for some shade, but we soon found out that they cost... ALOT.
  4. I bathed myself in SPF 45 and stil got burnt.
  5. It must be jellyfish season.
  6. 5 out of 7 of us got stung by jellyfish.
  7. We got lectured on "rip currents" by the beach patrol guy.
  8. We had to change locations as not to get caught up in the rip current.
  9. My brother saw a "shark" (aka dolphin :) and got a few people stirred up.
  10. We left the beach way earlier than we had intended to.

But just for the record, I still love the beach :)

The wedding was Saturday at sunset, and it was beautiful. The reception followed at a nearby hall. Interestingly, the AC went out at the reception hall, which made for a rather steamy celebration. It was still fun though. We slept in on Sunday and headed home after having an early lunch at Barnhill's (buffets are the devil). Kevin and I were dropped off Sunday afternoon, and so ended our long-anticipated, short-lived weekend. I have posted some pics for your viewing pleasure: Florida Wedding <-- enjoy!


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