Jun 5, 2008

R & R

Last Friday Kevin completed his first of several summer classes/workshops. Most are one to two-week classes with a one to two-week break in between. (He is currently on a much-needed two-week break). He decided to take a few summer classes this year in hopes of being able to finish up his Master’s Degree next May. (I can’t believe that we may be living somewhere else by this time next year! Crazy.) So needless to say, Kevin is facing a very busy summer. Aside from his classes, he also has the BCM work at Delgado, as well as the duties of an interim pastor at South Lafourche Baptist Church. Please pray for his continued strength and wisdom during this busy time. And pray for me also that I would be able to provide the best “wife support” possible.

Well, we’re leaving today for my cousin’s beach wedding in Florida! We’re both looking forward to some rest and relaxation :) I’ll post pictures and stories when we return.

Have a great weekend!


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