Jul 17, 2008

My Assignment

In only 5 days Kevin and I will celebrate our two-year anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years already! But then again, sometimes it feels like we've been together forever (and I mean that in the best way :) We've been through so much together and have grown so much together that I can hardly remember life without Kevin by my side. God knew what He was doing when He put us together, and I am forever grateful.

But as with any new marriage, we've experienced the bad along with the good. Although we know each better now than we did two years ago, we still struggle with areas like communication, selfishness, conflict resolution, and just plain ole' understanding each other's needs. So in light of this, Kevin has requested that we each take some time separately to evaluate our marriage by making lists of the things that we like about our marriage and things that we dislike (things to work on). After making our lists we will come together and discuss our conclusions. We have agreed to not take offense but to listen to each other in an effort to make year three a good one. I am currently working on my list, and reflecting back on the last two years has been good. So far the good has outweighed the bad (good sign!). I am thankful that Kevin took this initiative to make our marriage stronger. He is an inspiration to me. And I think this process is even more important now that we're adding to our family. Our greatest desire is to be good examples to our children.

Ok, so back to the list...


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