Aug 17, 2008

Crazy Blog and 14 Weeks

I think bloger went psycho on me. I checked my blog today only to find out that I'm 19 weeks pregnant (according to my sidebar widget, which has since been removed until I can fix it) and my ultrasound video had been posted like 3 times. Sorry for any confusion! Don't worry, the baby didn't have some miraculous growth spurt-I'm right on track at 14 weeks. And the ultrasound video that posted 3 times is the same one from before. I guess my blog needs me to be more attentive to it :)

Since I totally skipped my 13 week post, here's the pic of how big the baby WAS-peachy! :) FYI, week 13 was a rough one, which I'll try to post about tomorrow. Stay tuned!

And this is how big the baby is NOW-my loveable lemon :)
More updates to come later in the week!


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