Sep 25, 2008

19 Weeks

Who doesn't love a nice juicy mango? Well, if you were Baby Celestin (aka BC) you would be about the size of one! BC is now 6 inches head to bottom. I measured my hand from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my palm, and BC would fit there just perfectly now!
And now what you've all been waiting for... the first of the belly pics! The one below was taken about 18 1/2 weeks. That morning I noticed a pretty significant growth spurt.

This next one was taken today at 19 1/2 weeks. That shirt won't fit much longer!I have a doctor's appointment today so I'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat, and then tomorrow is the BIG DAY! The 20-week ultrasound aka the BOY or GIRL ultrasound! I'm so excited!
BC has been moving around a lot in my belly this last week. I love feeling life inside of me. Kevin has felt the baby move a couple of times as well.
Stay tuned for the big news!


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