Dec 17, 2008

31 Weeks

The tree is finally up! We put it up last Saturday after a full day of Christmas shopping. At the time this picture was taken I hadn't wrapped the gifts yet, but yesterday I made in little headway in that department. I still have a few minor gifts to buy, which I plan on getting this weekend. I can't wait for Christmas!

I had a doctor's appointment last Friday and everything looks good. Kevin and I have really been able to feel Silas' little body inside of me. We see bulges moving across my stomach and try to guess the body part. Being a little more of an expert than us on babies in the womb, the nurse that I saw on Friday erased our fear that Silas was going to have a big head. What we thought was a head she is pretty sure is a little hiney (haha). Silas is becoming more and more responsive to me rubbing my belly. It's so fun playing with him already! He now weighs as much as four naval oranges (about 3.3 lbs.).

We don't have much going on this week besides our prenatal classes. We went to one last night on Postpartum and Child Safety, and Thursday we have our last one on Newborn Care. So far the classes have been very informative and a great time of learning together. We're thankful to be able to go to the classes with some great friends from seminary who are due to have their baby a couple of days before we are.

As of yesterday (the 16th) Silas' due date is 2 months away and Kevin's graduation is 5 months away! Our lives are definitely about to change! And while we're counting down, 8 days til Christmas! Hope you have a good one!


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