Dec 11, 2008

Snow in the Big Easy!

7:37 am- I get a call from my sister informing me that's it's snowing in my hometown (about an hour and a half away from New Orleans). I look outside and see nothing but nasty rain. She says she'll take pictures for me.

7:53-I rush out the door to head to work (I'm running late as usual).

8:10-I get a call from my Uncle asking if I'm taking preggo pictures in the snow. I respond, "It's not snowing here.. wait, oh my goodness! It IS snowing here!" (and thus begins the downpour!)

8:12- Kevin calls to say, "It's snowing!!" I inform him that I'm driving in it and he proceeds to issue caution, as any good husband would do.

8:20- I make it to work, 20 minutes late but safe.

8:20 and 30 sec.- I proceed to take as many pictures as possible to document this rare and joyous occasion!

At this moment I wish I was home with my hubby taking pictures and building snowmen, but, unfortunately, I'm sitting at my desk at work watching the snow fall outside my window. I feel like a little kid inside, dying to go out and play!

Here are a few of the pics I took..



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