Jan 30, 2009

37 1/2 Weeks

I just got back from my 37 1/2 week prenatal visit! Silas is still in the head down position but hasn't officially "dropped" yet. For some reason I keep envisioning his little toes curled around my rib cage and his little mind thinking, "Life is way too good in here to make an early exit." (haha) Speaking of the "exit," my doctor said she doesn't anticipate me going into labor within the next few DAYS.. uh, what exactly does that mean?? I'm not due for 17 more days! Does that mean I may go into labor within the next 5 days? 6 days? WEEK? My mind was suddenly flooded with the reality that I COULD HAVE THIS BABY ANY DAY NOW! Talk about a freak out moment. I think I even said, "I don't want to go early... I'm not ready... I'm working until next Friday"- as if she has any control over when I go into labor! So when my diarrhea of the mouth finally subsided she explained that basically all she was saying was that she can't tell what may or may not happen, all women are different, and it's just a wait and see game. Ok, I can deal with that, but that won't stop me from waking up bright and early tomorrow morning to get all of my last minute shopping done and to begin packing my hospital bag! I'm sure I'll calm down by the end of the day, but right now all I can think about are those baby nail clippers at Babies R Us that I need to buy- I mean, what if Silas comes out and needs a good nail trimming?! (haha) Ok, deep breath. One last thing in regards to the doctor's appointment today, she was able to feel Silas' head during the exam.. and he hasn't even dropped yet.. this can only mean one thing, folks- her entire HAND found it's way to Silas' "temporary home," and I don't know whose face showed the shock more, Kevin's or mine (haha). Lord, help us both in the delivery room!



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