Jan 29, 2009

A New Look for A New Chapter

In honor of Silas' forthcoming birth I figured I'd give the ole' blog an updated look! What do you think? I really like the new colors. I figure when Silas does has his own nursery (he's currently sharing space with his daddy- half nursery, half library/office) it'll probably be colorful like this.

So I'm officially full term at 37 weeks! My last preggo update was at 34 weeks so I have a lot of catching up to do! I've been so lazy about keeping up this blog. Ok, so I've been lazy about a lot of things lately! But I have an excuse, right? *wink* So here's the quick recap:

1. I got a haircut! I bet you didn't think that would be first on the list, huh? I don't know if it was a hormone thing, but I had this incredible urge to get a new "do" before Silas gets here. I cut some length off and got some shape. If anything, it made me feel a little prettier in my ever growing body.

2. Did I mention the fact that I got the haircut the day before my baby shower? That could have been another reason for the "urge" :) My Mom and Aunt did a FABULOUS job with the shower. Silas got plenty of presents and ate pretty good that day too (hehe). Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family who came to celebrate with us and to help prepare us for Silas' birthday!

3. My wonderful friends at NOBTS threw us a couple's shower the week after my family baby shower! Thanks Jamie and Amanda for helping us to "feather our nest!" We enjoyed sweet fellowship and received many wonderful gifts, but the most significant part of the shower for us was the prayer time set aside during the shower to lift up our new family. All of our friends gathered around us to pray for Kevin and I as new parents and to pray for Silas' health- both physically and spiritually. I was a pile of tears when the prayer time ended. I was reminded of what an awesome responsibility it is to raise our son in a godly home and to nurture his soul, which we pray will one day be surrendered to the Lord.

4. As of today I have 7 more working days left! And I have the privilege of spending my last few working days with my wonderful friend Shannon who will be taking my place when I leave. This is the first job that I will actually miss when I leave. I have a great relationship with my boss and genuinely enjoy what I do; however, my excitement about being a full-time mom to Silas far outweighs any sadness that I have about leaving. I can't wait to start my new job!

5. We had an ultrasound at our 36 week appointment! We learned that Silas was about 6 lbs. 1 oz., in the head down position, had hair, and would probably be average height (aka not too tall). We were hoping to see a little face, but due to his position we were only able to see an ear- but it was the perfect little ear! Mommy and Silas are both progressing well, and now we're just waiting for something to happen! But until then, I'm still enjoying seeing little body parts move across my belly (hehe).

6. As of Jan. 22nd, Kevin and I have been married 2.5 years! *woohoo* (yeah, I'm a nerd..still celebrating in 6 month increments..hehe..)

7. As of Jan. 11th, Kevin is officially the interim pastor at First Baptist Church of Lockport, LA! We will dearly miss our friends at South Lafourch Baptist Church, but the Lord has called us to minister in Lockport at this time. We are enjoying getting to know our new church family and are excited about what the Lord is doing there.

I think that covers most of the important things that have happened over the past few weeks. And in between all of that I've been officially "nesting." My list of "to do's" gets a little smaller everyday, as I prepare to bring Silas home. Sleep has been scarce due to my growing belly, heartburn, and a cold; but I guess learning to function on little sleep will come in handy once Silas gets here. The signs are clear that the end is near!

Stay tuned!


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