Apr 16, 2009

8 weeks tomorrow!

I'll start with a couple of the latest pics...
Daddy's Happy CamperMama's big boy lounging in Mimi's lap (he looks so grown in this pic!!)
Silas will be 2 months tomorrow! I can't believe he's already got 2 months down, yet, at the same time, it feels like he's been with us forever! He's definitely giving us many more smiles and coo's these days. He's very responsive and will "talk" with us for about 30-45 minutes at a time. I think we've finally figured out a regimen that works for him (at least for now). He's on Zantac, which has helped tremendously with the acid reflux, and he's now on Nutramigen formula, which is a lot easier on his digestive system. These two things have greatly reduced the crying spells. He's still very fussy, but we're definitely seeing improvement. We're noticing that his fussiness is mostly due to his being overtired so we're trying to minimize his wake times in order to "respect his need for sleep" (as the Baby Whisperer would say). Silas is not a self-soother. He needs the right environment to be able to fall asleep. This makes outings very difficult at this point because
if there is too much stimulation around him he WILL NOT fall asleep, which, in turn, makes it ten times harder to put him to sleep when we're back home (in the dark, rocking, and listening to the water run :) We're doing what works for now and hoping that Silas will grow out of his fussiness within the next couple of months (like the books predict he will... fingers crossed). We're still soaking up every moment with him, knowing that one day we'll look back and miss our BABY boy :)


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