Apr 9, 2009

White Noise

If you happen to live in our apartment building and maintenance shows up at your door to inspect your water usage, don't worry, you're not the one using up all the water- we are! You see, the only thing that calms our son these days is the sound of the running bathtub water. So we've relocated the rocker to the bathroom and spend many hours rocking Silas to sleep while the bathtub water runs. Yes, I know there are people who don't have the privilege of running water, but, again, desperation sets in, and we do what we have to do to maintain our sanity. Well the "tides" turned today (no pun intended). I found a website called PEDIASLEEP, which offers an mp3 download of the sound of running water. I did not hesitate to purchase a whopping 12 hours of it! (I realized after making the purchase that it may have been a little extreme!) But I got a few bonus downloads with the purchase of the running water download, so we'll soon see if Silas may be into vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, or womb sounds too :)

I know I've said it before, but thanks to all our friends and family who are supporting us through this time and who understand that this is bigger than they can ever understand unless they've been there. To a few who've been there -> Mom and Dad, yall mean more to us than yall could ever know, and we couldn't do this without yall. Joy, your encouraging words meant so much to us the other night as you relived your experience with us and prayed a heartfelt prayer for us before you left. And Raychelle, thanks SO much for taking all my frantic calls and crying with me, remembering when you were there not so long ago. And to the rest of you who haven't been there but support us by not undermining our situation, thanks so much for understanding! I wish I could name you all. Your prayers are coveted. We're doing the best we can as new parents, and if you don't see us around much or don't get a call back right away, please don't get offended, we're just consumed with a sick baby. Enjoy the bathroom pics!


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