Apr 8, 2009

Happy Changer

For some strange reason, Silas loves his changing table! Check out his happy changing table dance :)

Even though we were able to capture these precious smiles today, we seem to have taken a step backwards with the acid reflux. Silas had a couple of intense crying spells again, which had stopped for a while with the use of the medication. We're trying to get Silas in to see a Pediatric GI doctor ASAP, but the earliest appointment is not until April 28th. Please pray that little buddy is able to make it until then or that there is a cancellation that would get us in earlier. The good news is that we are VERY blessed to have my mom back with us during this difficult time. She has allowed us to get some much needed sleep, has helped with "household management" aka cooking, cleaning, etc., and has relieved Kevin so that he can focus a little more on finishing up his last semester. We love you Mimi!!


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