Apr 27, 2009

False Reality

Silas finally met his precious cousin Ethan yesterday!! They are only 1 week apart, and, we hope, will one day be great friends. This pic portrays a false reality, however, because Ethan is normally sleeping and Silas is normally crying! It just so happened that at the time of this pic the opposite was occurring (haha). FYI, a few minutes after this pic was taken Silas was screaming bloody murder and Ethan was as happy as a lark- the true reality! And just so Silas (when he grows up) and all you other blog readers don't think I'm a liar, here's a pic of a classic "Silas moment." Uncle Luke joined in on the fun!
By the way, we visit the GI Specialist at Children's Hospital tomorrow. We're eager to see what the doc has to say about Silas' condition. Say a prayer for us!


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