Apr 30, 2009


Silas had his appointment with the GI Specialist at Children's Hospital on Tuesday. We are happy to report that there are no major health problems to speak of. After giving the doc a thorough history of Silas' first 9 weeks of life, the doc concluded that Silas' issues most likely have little to do with acid reflux and more to do with a milk protein allergy and a bad case of colic. He said that the reduction in Silas' fussiness lately is probably due to him being on Nutramigen formula, which is a formula with the proteins already broken down. This has been much easier on Silas' digestive system. He recommended keeping Silas on Zantac for now and gradually reducing his dosage (when we feel comfortable doing so) until he is completely weaned from it. He is currently on a very low dose so it isn't harmful to have him on it for now since it seems to have helped a bit as well. And as far as the colic/extreme fussiness, Silas will just have to outgrow it on his own. Colic is usually a great deal better at 3 months and completely gone at four months so we're over halfway through with the fussiness! Yay! These continue to be challenging times, but we're seeing daily progress and thank God for for his continued strength.
Here is a pic of Silas with his Mimi (holding him) and his 2 great-great aunts (Aunt Kitty on the left and Aunt Lillian on the right). They dropped my mom off on Tuesday before Silas' doctor's appointment. Thanks, Aunt Kitty and Aunt Lil! We love yall and really enjoyed our visit! Here's another fact about Silas: He HATES the car! He pretty much screams about 2 minutes into any road trip. Problem: We have to make a 10+ hour road trip to TN in 3 weeks for my brother's wedding! Yes, I'm stressed. So my mom and I have decided to take Silas on little road trips around town during the week to try to get him used to the car. Our first trip was to the mall. He had a couple of breakdowns in the car, but did ok while we were in the mall (of course we only went into 1 store and only stayed in that store about 20 minutes tops- we didn't want to press our luck!). Overall, the trip was better than previous ones we've taken. Here's a pic of Silas in the women's shoe department at Dillard's- my mom and I's favorite section in just about any store ;)

When we got back from the mall we tried to take Silas to the campus crawfish boil, but that was a bust. As soon as we sat down to eat Silas has a breakdown (I think he was tired and had already endured too much activity during the mall trip. He gets overstimulated and overtired VERY easily). Thankfully I had anticipated this happening and had brought Wal-Mart bags along to tote our crawfish back home. So we packed it up and enjoyed our crawfish at home after Silas' fit ended.

Here's a pic of Silas and mommy winding down after a long day (at least in Silas' world). His new thing is to grab my clothes or hair while going to sleep. I have to admit, I love it :-)

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