May 18, 2009

Happy Monday!

As I sit hear sipping my Monday afternoon coffee, I'm reflecting on a great weekend and anticipating a great one to come. Friday night my parents came in to New Orleans to babysit Silas so that Kevin and I could attend a reception for the NOBTS graduates. Well it turned out that the reception was not all that "happening" so we decided to have a date night instead. We went out to eat and went to see a movie. It was great spending quality time together as a couple- something that hasn't happened much since Silas came along (but we're working on that :) We're so thankful that my parents are close enough to make date nights possible. My parents spent the night on Friday to help us to get everything together for Kevin's graduation festivities on Saturday. Family and friends came out to support Kevin as he walked across the stage and received his Master's Degree in Biblical Languages from NOBTS. WooHoo!! (FYI, he was only 1 of 3 graduates who finished in the Biblical Languages program this semester. It's a pretty intense program!) I was (and still am) SO proud of him. I couldn't hold back the tears as I watched Kevin walk across the stage and reflected on our past three years here at the seminary. This is where we started out our married life, where I spent my first pregnancy, and where we welcomed our firstborn into the world. This chapter of our lives has been filled with many many blessings, and we will leave with so many fond memories in our hearts. Thanks to my Mom I was able to enjoy the graduation. She cared for Silas during the ceremony, and he actually made it all the way through with only minor fussiness. She has a special way of calming Silas that I can't explain. I've quit trying to figure it out and just thank God for her miraculous grandmother's touch! :) We love you, Mimi! After the ceremony we all went out to eat at one of Kevin's favorite spots, Oki Nago, a Japanese and Seafood buffet. We enjoyed sweet fellowship and great food. The only downfall was that we came home with a restless baby. Silas hadn't rested well all day so he had a pretty rough afternoon and night on Saturday- plus he has his first cold right now. I had intentions of going to church on Sunday, but after a pretty rough night I decided to stay home and rest and try to get Silas rested as well. We're hoping to be able to begin going back to church very soon.
As for this week, we're making preparations for ANOTHER busy weekend. We're leaving Thursday for TN to attend my brother's wedding. We're going to split the trip there into two days since it's Silas' first long road trip (and he still doesn't like short road trips!) I'm trying to think positive and trust God to make the trip a good one for all of us. Please keep us in prayer as we travel. We'll be returning on Tuesday of next week.
By the way, a friend of ours took pictures for us at Kevin's graduation so as soon as I get those I'll post some for your viewing pleasure :)


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