Jun 11, 2009

It's Not What You Think

Don't pass out, Mom. I'm NOT pregnant! (haha) But exactly one year ago today, on June 11th 2008, I awakened to find out that I was indeed pregnant with Mr. Silas Benjamin. Wow, how life has changed since then! I remember crawling back into bed that morning, unable to wipe the huge smile off of my face, and telling Kevin that he was going to be a daddy. I've n'er seen a grown man awaken from his slumber so quickly! We were both ecstatic, of course, and spent those early morning hours talking about how our lives would change with the addition of a third family member. Of course, "Maddie" (as we called Silas back then, certain that he was going to be a girl) was not going to change our lives all that much since she was going to be our little "porta-kid," going with us where ever we went, smiling at people, and sleeping so well at night *rolls eyes* Can we say "naive"? Yes, we admit that we were C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S. Thank God for Mimi who was there to break our fall when reality hit *laugh*

Folks, NEVER in my life did I imagine I could love another person so much. I am blessed beyond blessed to have been given the privilege of being Silas' Momma. I treasure each day with him, knowing that the days will pass all too quickly.

Thank you, Lord, for creating Silas for me and me for Silas. Thank You that You have already used him in helping me to become more like You. Grant me the grace to be the best Momma that I can be to Silas as the years go by. Thank you for reminding me DAILY that I can't do this without You. Never stop reminding me. Please protect my baby boy and grow him up to be a man after Your own heart. Thank You that You have great plans for Him. Never let me interfere with those. And, Lord, if you don't mind me askin', never let Silas get tired of plenty of hugs and kisses from his Momma :)

I love You, my sweet boy!

P.S. Silas has a new 3 month photo album in the column to the left. Check out his new pics!


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