Jun 6, 2009

Paula Dean ain't got nothin' on me... yall...

It's a pancake! Duh! Sign me up for the next season of "The Next Food Network Star!" No, seriously, Rachel Ray move over!
Ok, so maybe I don't have an iota of a chance. I mean, who can't make a pancake? Get the mix, add 1 cup of water, stir, pour desired portion into skillet, watch, flip, watch, remove from skillet, top with somethin', eat. Simple.
I kinda redeemed myself with try #2 though because I kept a better eye out for those tiny little bubbles that scream out "I'm ready to flip now!" The thing is, you also have to make sure that there is sufficient browning on the bottom of the pancake. Problem. I can't see under there without destroying the pancake (See first picture).
So I guesstimated and flipped and only sacrificed a small portion of the pancake. 4 Stars for a nice brown color though! Yay! And 5 stars for pouring the boysenberry syrup in a nice abstract design!
What are YOU having for breakfast??


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