Jun 7, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Not on his 2x3 activity mat, that's for sure! Goodbye coffee table, hello Silas' new LARGER play area. Like I said before, the boy flips more than a Mickey Dee's hamburger and scoots more than a country line dancer. He starts out on his activity mat (right around the zebra), and before we bat an eye he's exploring new territory. FYI, he's actually in mid-flip in this picture, and he's holding on to a toy while flipping. What can I say? He's got talent :-) The following picture is Silas getting "slowed down" by one of the arches on the activity mat. He continues to try to flip though! Notice that great leg extension.. and that cute little smile :)

I must also document that last night was Silas' first night sleeping in a room by himself. He's been in our room since he was born, and we planned on having him with us until we move; but momma and papa finally had enough of hearing Silas shuffle around all night (as I've mentioned before, he's a mover!) so we cleared out space in his room (which is really more of a storage room now due to lack of actual storage space), we rolled his pack 'n play in (no space for a crib yet), we set up the baby monitor, and we said a little prayer! :) And praise God, everyone had a great night! I thought I would be up all night worried or that I would be bothered by the baby monitor, but no such problems. I did have to tend to Silas a couple of times during the night (as usual), but in between I slept like a baby (Wait, that's a horrible metaphor! But you get the picture.) Anyway, hopefully this new sleeping arrangement will continue to provide some much-needed rest for the Celestin's!


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