Jun 9, 2009

G'Day Mates!

No, we're not moving to Australia. Although, a vacation to the outback does sound pretty tempting right now. Remind me to visit there someday when we hit oil in our backyard (wait, we don't have a backyard.. bummer). And no, I don't have a new passion for wearing hats that say "Boomerang Express- It all comes back to Jesus." What IS happening this week though is that the hubs is performing his pastoral duties, which include, but are not limited to, wearing this cool hat for one week during evening VBS :) I tried to get him to put on his new hat and pose for a quick picture, but he refused. That's why I'm wearing the hat and not him. He does look rather dashing in the hat though. I'd pick him to be my Australian tour guide any day ;-)
So what did Momma and Silas do on Papa's first evening away? Well, we were kindly invited to dinner at Jenny F.'s. She and her girls, along with Mandy B. and her girls kept Silas and I entertained over a yummy spaghetti dinner (thier hubs were away too). It was great to get out and visit with them and soak up all their mommy wisdom as I watched them parent their little ones. Between the projectile vomitting and the time outs we even managed to have adult conversation- the kind where my voice is not an octave higher than normal. And my future flashed before my eyes as I watched their almost 2 yr. olds play together. Soon I'll be chasing Silas instead of carrying him! Jen and Mandy are both great moms and are great examples to new moms like myself that, yeah, it's tough, but I can do it! One day at a time :) I'm going to miss these gals when we move. The pic to the left is the only one I got of the night, but it depicts a monumental moment in Silas' life. (1) He sat in a swing without having a breakdown (he's never liked swings-we've tried a couple) (2) He fell asleep IN the swing WHILE momma was eating dinner! (wow, perfect timing!) I was shocked. This was a first. The Lord must have known that I needed a nice dinner with friends without having to bounce Silas on my knee the whole time while trying to stuff as much food in my mouth as possible in order to actually finish the meal before my knee gave out. Thank you, Lord! And yes, Silas covers his face with his blanket to put himself to sleep. No, he's not smothering.
So that was evening 1 without papa at home. (FYI, Papa does come home after VBS, but Silas and I are usually asleep by then).
Looks like Silas and I will be home alone this evening, but we did enjoy some pool time this afternoon after papa left. It's always fun to chat with the mommas in the kiddo pool while making sure that the little ones stay afloat. It was Silas' 2nd time at the campus pool, and he did really well. And so far pool time = good nap when we get home so that is always a plus. Check out Silas' seafood swim trunks. They were handed down from a friendly neighbor.

Missing Papa,


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