Oct 20, 2009

Happy 8 Months, Silas!

Well, the 20th has rolled around again, which means that my little pumpkin is yet ANOTHER month old! When did the time start flying by so fast?! It's been amazing to see Silas grow and develop over the past 8 months. These days, each new day brings a new skill or a new funny face or a new awareness, and the list goes on. I wouldn't trade anything for the opportunity that the Lord has given me to be with Silas everyday watching him grow and learn. Praise you, Jesus, for Your mercy and grace!

So, I asked Silas to write a little something about his 8 Month Birthday for the blog...

Dear Mama's blog readers,
Today was a great day. In fact, my Mama would call it a BEST day. Papa took the day off and we spent the whole day together as a family. When I got up (after a FULL night's sleep, which I'm getting better at!) I went to Mama and Papa's room to play in their big bed. They always let me play in their bed in the morning. It is our special time. After we played upstairs for about an hour we came downstairs to eat breakfast and to do some more playing. Mama opened up all the windows and let the fresh cool air fill the house. It felt so good. My breakfast was fruit and bread. I prefer eating with my fingers so Mama is finding creative ways to feed me. This morning she put applesauce on lightly toasted bread and broke it up into big pieces so that I could feed myself. I really enjoyed that meal, and I hope Mama makes it again. After breakfast I played on the floor with Mama and Papa.  We read books, played pee-a-boo, and played with my toys. My nap was a little later than usual, but we were having so much fun together as a family that I didn't want to sleep. I finally took a nap though- a 2 1/2 hour one. Mama was proud. After my nap we decided to have a late lunch at Olive Garden. I enjoy going to restaurants a little more now than I did when I was a tiny baby. We had a really fun time today. Here are some pictures from our lunch at Olive Garden...

I like chewing on straws

I think Papa does to

We had a straw fight

This is what I had to eat... peaches (from Mama and Papa's peach tea), breadsticks (only the soft inside though, not the salty outside), and my new favorite food-Little Puffs that disolve in my mouth). Most of the food made it into my mouth, but there were a few leftovers on the floor. Mama told Papa that my pincer grasp is developing really well. I think that means that I'm good at picking things up between by forefinger and thumb. Mama also said that she thinks she feels some teeth coming in. I wonder what it will feel like to have teeth?

I wanted dessert, but Mama and Papa didn't let me have any sugar. It looked like they really enjoyed the Zeppoli though. I can't wait to try that some day.

Here's Mama enjoying dessert and coffee.

Here's my family. I love spending time with them.

We had SUCH a fun day. In fact, all the fun wore me out. On the way home I fell asleep so hard that Mama and Papa could hear my little snores from the front seat. I didn't even wake up when they brought me into the house. I took a nice little afternoon nap in my car seat. Mama was scared to wake me.

Tonight I spent time with Papa while Mama went to Bible study. She really likes her Bible study. She always sings to me about Jesus. Do you know that He made me and loves me? I am glad that Mama and Papa teach me about Jesus even though I don't really understand everything right now.

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my day! It's so fun being 8 months old!


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