Oct 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Oooh, Treasure Chest, how I love thee. Thou providest me with thrifty treasures that makest my heart happy. Are there any other thrifters out there?? I'm definitely a thrift store junkie. I see treasures in your trash! The Treasure Chest is a local thrift store that I've been visiting at LEAST weekly. They have lots of treasures inside, and when the weather is nice they put some of the treasures outside so you can see them when you pass by. I always drive about 3 mph when I pass by to check out the goodies. Well, today on my way past I spotted this:

Isn't it cute? And the cool part is that it turns into this:

Now that Silas is starting to scale things, I figured this would be a great way to start practicing steps with him. So I picked this up along with the Baby Mozart tape all for $3! Yes, $3! I figure, babies grow out of things so quickly, why spend a ton on brand new toys? I'm really excited about my thrifty Thursday deal! Other things I've gotten there are a filing cabinet, a set of dishes, and a Little Tikes swing for Silas. It's truly a Treasure Chest!
What's your favorite thrift store find??


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