Jan 5, 2010

Highlights from the Past 2 Days

Some days I feel like I have a conjoined twin. His name is Silas. He's not happy unless his little bum is resting on my hip. He wants to be involved in EVERYTHING that Momma is doing. So Momma has to get a little creative sometimes. 

Here's Silas helping me with the dishes. I moved his pack 'n play into the kitchen and put a stool in it so he could reach the sink! Don't worry, he's got the balance of a cat.. haha. He LOVED splashing in the water. We both got a little *ahem* WET, but it was totally worth it :)

Spaghetti, anyone?

This was quite the mess to, but so funny. Silas loves spaghetti. Needless to say, he went straight from the chair to the bathtub!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Christmas pics to come!


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