Jan 3, 2010

The Life of My 10-Month Old

Dear Silas, I can't believe you're already 10 months! Time seems to be moving more and more quickly as we approach your first birthday. These days you are becoming more and more of a toddler and less and less of an infant. It gives me such joy to watch you grow, but at the same time, I am faced with the realization that time really does fly and babies don't stay babies for long.

Lately your little personality has blossomed more than ever. You have a variety of facial expressions that always make me laugh. You LOVE people and seem to draw your energy from being around others. You're always the center of attention, and I think you like it that way (haha). You know how to shake your head "no" when you don't want something, and you also make it known when you DO want something, usually by screaming/yelling until somebody notices. You know where your nose, ears, hair, and teeth are (even though there are still just 2 right now). And honestly, you always surprise me by understanding things that I don't think you know. For example, you know that brushes are for hair and cell phones are for ears and flowers are for smelling. You can also understand simple directions like "Get the book for Momma." It's always amazes me to see you learn and understand. You are SUPER observant and EXTREMELY curious, which is probably why you're such a good learner. Your current favorite book is Daniel and the Lion's Den pop-out book. You bring it to Momma to read, you sit in my lap, and you smile really big when I start reading. I love it. You seem to love animals, particularly dogs. Anytime you hear a dog barking your little ears perk up and you start barking in your little baby voice. We look out the window often to see the puppy next door.  You are laughing more and more, and the sound of your laugh is like music to my ears. I pray that I hear it for many years to come. You like hide-and-seek games and feeding yourself and being with Momma. Momma loves being with you to, and is learning to intentionally choose you over other things that can wait until later.

And now for the big news: At the very end of your ninth month you began to dabble in the world of walking. And just like your Pop predicted, you had kissed crawling goodbye by Christmas! One things I know about you, Silas, is that you are one determined little boy! Momma and Daddy love you so much and could on and on about how proud we are of you. It's such a joy to watch you grow.

Here's a video of our little walker...


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