Feb 15, 2010

You Gotta Try It!

I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love my slow cooker. I'm always trying to adapt recipes to make them slow cooker friendly. I also love McCormick's line of Grill Mates Seasonings, particularly the Montreal Chicken Seasoning and the Roasted Garlic and Herb Seasoning. I've tried a couple of the other flavors and they're just as delicious, but the two above-mentioned are my favorites. Being culinary challenged, I've discovered that there's plenty you can do with seasoned chicken, and that, my friend, is my life saver most days! Oft' days I throw seasoned chicken into the slow cooker and pray for a dinner revelation. Well, I want to share with you my newest revelation, or rather, discovery! This being Monday, I was thinking Mexican. Why, you ask? Because one of my other meal planning strategies (when I'm at a loss) is to have a theme for each day of the week. Don't laugh, it helps ease my frazzled mind. So my default meal plan looks like this: Mondays are Mexican, Tuesdays are Italian, Wednesdays are American, Thursdays are Cajun/Seafood, Fridays and Saturdays or either eat out or homemade pizza (we usually eat out once a week), and Sundays are leftovers. Things don't always go that way, but having this little plan helps when I'm in a crunch. Anyway, that's lagniappe. Back to my my newest discovery: Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup! You gotta try it! I followed the recipe with only a few minor changes- dried cilantro instead of fresh, canned corn instead of frozen (only because that's what I had on hand), and forgoing the homemade tortilla chips in favor of buying a bag (who has time for homemade tortilla chips??) I had slow cooker chicken in the fridge (seasoned with the McCormick Garlic and Herb seasoning) so all I had to do was throw everything  into the slow cooker and let it simmer for a couple of hours. When it was all done, we topped it with shredded cheese and a little soup cream. It was SO delicious! (not to mention easy, husband-approved, and worth sharing!) You should give it a try!

Happy Eating,


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