May 3, 2010


I guess when you make your first trip to the Emergency Room, it deserves a place in your baby book (or in this case, blog), right? It's definitely not an event to celebrate, but it's a memorable one to say the least. 
Story: Yesterday morning at 8:30 am while Kevin and I were getting ready for church, Silas found his way to a lamp/hot light bulb near our bed (a lamp we rarely use, but it was on at this time due to our bedroom light bulb being burnt out). He curiously touched it and kept his hand there long enough to burn himself pretty badly. I wish I could say I didn't panic, but as soon as I saw the blisters forming and his hand swelling, I called 911 (a first for me, and I hope a last). The ambulance made it here quickly, told us he seemed stable, but recommended we take him to the ER. (Thankfully, the ambulance driver saved us some cash by allowing us to drive him to the ER ourselves.) Silas was in a lot of pain, and ER's are never fun. Filling out paperwork with a screaming baby, waiting for what seems like an eternity, being taken to the back to assist with holding Silas down as the doctors/nurses pop blisters and peel away dead skin, watching my baby scream and sweat in pain. It's a mothering moment I will never forget, and I pray Silas will. Thank you, God, for YOUR awesome provision of strength and for the blessing of friends/family who prayed for and supported us while we were in the ER.
It turns out that Silas has 2nd degree burns on most of his fingers and a couple of small spots that may be 3rd degree. We're going to see Silas' pediatrician today to verify the extent of the burns and to see if he needs further treatment. For now, he's all bandaged up and doesn't seem to be in much pain- just a little uncomfortable at times. 
Please pray that he heals quickly.
My little burn victim...

In His perfect strength,


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