May 5, 2010

Update on Silas

Thanks for all of your prayers for Silas! He's doing well. He seems to be as "back to normal" as he can be at this point (considering he's got a cold and some bowel issues right now as well). We saw his pediatrician earlier this week, and she said it looks like all 2nd degree burns to her, which is good. She told us to keep it clean by running cool water over it periodically, to continue to apply the burn cream every time we change the bandage (about 1x per day, but it's hard to keep things clean and in place with a 1-year old so we seem to be having to change it more than 1x per day), to give pain medication as needed (thankfully, we haven't had to give much pain medication), and to stretch his fingers out a couple of times per day to ensure his range of motion is there. She also recommended bringing Silas to a Physical Therapist if we see him having trouble moving his hand properly. On a little hand like his scar tissue can effect his range of motion quickly, and we definitely want to do whatever possible to prevent that. But so far so good. Continue to pray for his quick healing!


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