May 22, 2010

Latest Happenings

Hey peeps! Long time no update, huh? Thought I'd do a quick update to keep you in the "know." So, because I love bullet lists, let's start shootin' out some Celestin happenings...
  • Silas' hand: Doing great! (the pediatrician used the word "great" by the way; it was really good to hear that!) We're no longer bandaging it up with gauze and tape. We're only putting a sock over it (with holes to free his little fingers) to keep it safe as the third degree burns continue to heal. And, truth be told, Silas loves the sock on his hand. I think it's comforting to him. I'm praying he doesn't turn into "sock boy." Anywhoo...

  • Mother's Day: Silas was having an extremely clingy day (been that way since the burn incident) so I missed out on the Mother's Day church service and spent the morning in the church nursery with him and the other kiddos. Kinda fitting for Mother's Day I guess. I spent the rest of the day with my favorite people- my family! Kevin's family and my family got together for a crawfish boil at my parent's house. We had a great time talking and eating and talking and eating some more. Oh yeah, and playing badminton! Fun times. And, best of all, the hubs and Silas got me a new Canon Digital SLR camera! Woohoo! So be lookin' for some cool blog pics in the days to come!
  • Sara's Graduation: The Thursday after Mother's Day we left for Gulf Shores, AL for my sister Sara's graduation. We stayed in Gulf Shores for 5 days and 4 nights in a lovely beach-side house. Aaahhh, that vacation went by too quick. Kevin, Silas, and I didn't spend much time actually on the beach, but we enjoyed doing nothing, listening to the waves, and watching Silas play in his Frog Pool on the back balcony. Silas didn't like the sand much at first, but he finally got used to. His favorite part was the bubbles in the water as the waves came in. He also LOVED watching the kite that Uncle Eric and Aunt Brit flew. He still asks for that kite!
The whole family! Sara graduated in Pensacola, FL with ABeka Academy. 
Four Siblings/ Four Homeschool Graduates- Thanks, Mom!
Silas in his frog pool that Mimi and Pop bought him to play out on back balcony
Silas and Pop walking the beach
No trip to Gulf Shores is complete without a meal at Lambert's- Home of the Throwed Rolls!
  • Back Home: It's funny how 5 days worth of vacation can totally upset a toddler's schedule. We've been working on that since we've gotten home, and, thankfully, seem to be making progress. Silas got used to going to sleep next to me in bed while we were on vacation so he expects this to continue now that we're home. It's kinda sweet, but we're working on getting him to fall asleep in his own bed again. Kevin and I are back to the everyday ins and outs. We're both a part of a "Biggest Loser" challenge at our local gym so we're trying to lose a few pounds by exercising and eating healthier. Vacation didn't help the cause, but we're slowly getting back on track.
Hope you enjoyed the update! Time for bed!


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