May 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

A sweet visit with Mimi and Pop... kisses and stories :)

Kisses for Mimi
Kisses for Pop
Hand motions make stories so much better.
I'd like to see your new camera, Mom
Followed by a visit with Silas' new friend Diamond... 4-wheelin' and wagon ridin'
Typical....Man on a mission... Woman easily distrated
Silas' cheese smile
Afternoon with the cousins... tent playin', dish washin', and cookie bakin'!
Divine and Kamile having fun in Silas' tent

What a cutie :)
Justin, Divine and Kamile... Silas was napping at the time :(
My little dish washer
My cookie makers!

Chefs in the making!
What a great weekend!

Time for bed, Mom!


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