Jul 19, 2010

Mud & Water

After a very busy week, we decided to head to my parents Sunday afternoon for a little R & R. We all love visiting with my family, but Silas especially does because (1) he adores his Mimi and Pop and (2) Mimi and Pop have a big yard with lots to explore! And, if you know little boys, they like to explore! On this particular visit Silas discovered Pop's wheelbarrow of mud. Needles to say, he couldn't keep his little hands away. So this is what ensued....

Happy Little Hands Find Mud

Pop brought a pitcher of water to clean Happy Little Hands, but Silas had other things in mind- Create Mud Water!
Happy Little Hands spill mud water and slosh around in it.
And while we're at it, why not just sit in it?
Happy Little Hands finally getting cleaned up- hose style.

Happy Little Feet need cleaning to.

This hose is fun.

Especially when Pop uses it to make rain!
Boys will be boys,


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