Aug 20, 2010

Happy 18 Months, Silas!

My baby boy is 18 months today! A year and a half old already! My, how far we've come! Some of Silas' milestones this past month are:
  • He now has a pretty large vocabulary. He can practically repeat anything we say! And he's beginning to put sentences together. One of my favorite sentences of his is, "Gimme a hug." *smile*
  • The rest of his teeth are finally coming in- all at the same time! He popped two molars while we were in St. Lucia, and now he's popping an eye tooth. He has a total of 11 now!
  • He's now napping only once a day. We had a few rough days when making the transition from two naps to one, but we're finally settled in to a good routine. He usually naps for about 3 hours- about Noon-3. 
  • Bedtime is about 8, and wake time is about 7:30.
  • One of Silas' favorite phrases that I HAVE to mention is his call for a "family hug." He usually says this with arms wide open to all the people around him, signifying that it's time for everyone to wrap their arms around each other and hug! It's SO precious. I'm glad to see the affectionate side of him coming out. I hope we're still having "family hugs" through the teenage years! Whadda you think? *smile*
  • He has suddenly gotten really comfortable in the bathtub. For the longest he would NOT sit down in the tub. It was so strange. Now, though, he's comfortable enough to lay on his little belly splash around. Bath time is really fun.
  • We went through some major separations anxiety for a few weeks, but that seems to have settled down for now. He's crying a lot less when we drop him off in the church nursery, thank God!
  • Kevin taught Silas some body parts in French, and he's able to point them out. 
  • I overheard heard him count from five to eleven the other day! Seriously! My sister can testify. We're not sure if he started at one, but we're certain he can count from five to eleven.
  • We FINALLY got rid of the bottle like last week! It was much easier than I thought. I'm glad I waited until we were both ready! The pediatrician might give ME a gold star at our next visit! *HaHa*
So in honor of Silas'18 month birthday I thought I'd post a couple of videos of Silas doing one of his favorite things- dancing! During our stay in St. Lucia we took advantage of listening to the live bands at our hotel each night. I think this was Silas' favorite part of the whole trip! He loves to dance, and he loves to show off his dancing skills to any and all who will watch! Needless to say, he was the life of the party almost every night. The first video is a bit dark so hopefully you can see the little man's moves...

Thankful for my growing boy,


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