Sep 22, 2010

8-Week Ultrasound

We were able to get out first snapshots of Baby Celestin #2 today at my 8-week doctor appointment today!
Take a look...
The head is to the left and the legs/feet are to the right...

Isn't he/she cute?? *smile* According to my doctor everything looks great. The baby is where he/she should be, there's only ONE baby in there (*whew*), and my due date is just as I expected- May 1, 2011. 
Hearing the heartbeat brought tears to my eyes. It's such a beautiful sound of life. Kevin and I took in every beat. Reality definitely sank in for both of us in that moment, and we couldn't be happier.
The doctor gave me a different prescription medicine to try for nausea, and after taking one tonight I'm really noticing a difference. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
I'm starting off this pregnancy 10 lbs heavier than I was for Silas- blech. And the baby is only the size of a kidney bean so I can't blame any weight gain on the little bean yet! I'm hoping to get more exercise in once the nausea subsides. We'll see.
Prayers are greatly appreciated as we journey along with BC#2.
Many more updates to come,


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