Sep 27, 2010

9 Week Update

How Far Along: 9 Weeks

Size of Baby: BC is the size of a grape

Gender: Can't wait to find out! We're not even letting our minds wander either way because we were totally wrong on our gender prediction for Silas!

Symptoms: Still nauseated *boo* I'm taking prescription medicine for nausea, but I still have bad days-some worse than others. I'm also wearing my Sea Bands during the day, which helps some. I'm starting to think I was just bound to have a rough first trimester! I'm also pretty fatigued. I don't sleep well at night, which doesn't help. I feel like I spend the whole night dreaming, which means I'm sleeping lightly. The doctor told me there's really nothing I can do about that right now. She said it's normal for pregnant women to sleep lightly. I'm also dealing with some heartburn, which didn't appear until later in my pregnancy with Silas. My pants are getting tighter, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell I was pregnant if you saw me on the street *hehe*

Cravings: Salt, mostly in the form of chips *haha* Drinking water makes me nauseous. I experienced this with Silas. I'm trying to get fluids in others forms and drinking carbonated drinks when I'm thirsty.

Last Week's Highlight: Well, I have two, and both deal with my hubby. I wore pregnancy pants for the first time last week (becasue I can and they're super comfortable!), and my hubby told me I looked cute. Brownie points! Also, a couple of nights ago I had MAJOR heartburn and didn't have any antacids in the house. My wonderful husband left the house at 10 PM (AFTER he was already in bed) to get me some! Thanks so much, babe!! Man, I am blessed *smile*

Well, there's the latest preggo news! I'd post a belly pic, but it's mostly just a chip belly and not a baby belly! *laugh* I hear the treadmill calling...

If you're interested in what I was doing during my ninth week of pregnancy with Silas, click here. It seems my husband is always busy at 10 PM during my pregnancies! *laugh*


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