Oct 21, 2010

I Did Something

I woke up this morning feeling much better. I actually smiled before 3pm. I'm keeping my hopes up that the hospital visit marked the peak of the pregnancy nausea and that things will start getting better from here on out. The only problem this morning was that when I finally took a look around the apartment I realized that things had gotten a little lot out of hand as far as cleaning goes. I was overwhelmed.

Two things that I had gotten into the habit of doing before I got pregnant were getting the dishes done and decluttering before bedtime. This made my mornings a heck of a lot smoother. But with the nausea lasting well into the evening most days it was all I could do to make sure Silas and Kevin even had dinner, much less making sure that their dinner plates were clean. Needless to say, the last few weeks I've been living with a constant flow of dirty dishes in the sink and clutter piling up around every corner.

This morning I was overwhelmed. It's like I didn't know where to start. Kitchen? Laundry? Toys? Sit down make a list of everything I need to do? The list idea may sound nice but I tend to use that as a way to procrastinate instead of actually helping me to get things done. Anyway, I decided to just do something. I started in the kitchen because that room seemed the most smelly needy. I moved to laundry because we were about to run out of clean clothes.  And I kept going.

And little by little things started looking better around here. I've still got lots work to do, but I'm proud to say I did something! I'm sitting here laughing at myself for feeling so accomplished when all I did was a little housework, but for anyone who has experienced severe morning sickness you know how 
difficult it is to do anything but lie down and pray for the dust bunnies to hop away on their own!

And, of course, I'm thankful for my little cleaning buddy who stuck by me the whole time...

P.S. See that scab on Silas' forehead? That's what happens when you try to kick a soccer ball but accidentally step on it instead. Cement is not very forgiving. Thankfully there was no lasting damage.


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