Nov 14, 2010

Preggy Update (week 16)

How Far Along: 16 Weeks

Size of Baby: BC is the size of an avocado.. yum!
Gender:We'll know in 5 more weeks!

Symptoms: Well, after my hospital stay the nausea has lessened, but I'm still dealing with occasional nausea and vomiting. It seems to be lingering a little longer than it did with Silas. I'm really praying that it goes away soon! I'm also noticing an increase in heartburn- bring on the Pepcid! I've been a little more energetic, which is definitely a plus. I still haven't felt the baby move yet, but I'm excited about baby flutters in the next few weeks. 

Cravings: I haven't really had any cravings lately. I mostly try to eat stuff that doesn't cause heartburn and is easily digestible!

Last Week's Highlights: Date night with my hubby courtesy of Mimi and Pop. Kevin and I are a "dinner and a movie" kinda couple so we decided that's would we would do. We enjoyed a good dinner and great conversation (no toddler interruptions!) at Zea's in New Orleans, one of our favorite places. But the funny thing is, instead of going to the movie theater after dinner, we were both in the mood to go home and lay on the couch to watch our movie! I'm not sure if that means we're old or just plain ole' tired! Ha! It was a nice evening nonetheless.


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