Mar 31, 2011

Four weeks, three days...

...until my due date. But in reality, it could be sooner and, God forbid, it could be later. Nonetheless, we're getting close to Liam's arrival and the nesting has begun. I bought a 5-pack of steno pads at the grocery store the other day just to have a place to write down all my scattered thoughts. I've already got about 5 lists started. Somebody stop me. 

I'm trying to stay calm, but I have to admit, I've been feeling a bit of anxiety about the transition from one to two children- one newborn and one toddler. The memories of those early days weeks months with Silas still cause my heart to panic flutter. And the closer I get to Liam's arrival, the more vivid the memories of those sleepless nights and long, exhausting days become. And this time I have a toddler to chase after. I know I'll have plenty of family support, but it's still quite overwhelming when I ponder this next transition we're about to encounter. 

On the bright side, I am not half as clueless as I was when Silas arrived. I've got a little experience under my belt so that brings a bit of comfort. For starters, I know that regardless of Liam's temperament, we'll be in survival mode for the first few weeks. We'll basically be on a 2-3 hour schedule of eating, sleeping, diaper-changing, soothing, and maybe a few gas-induced grins from Liam to refuel our engines and remind us that it's all worth it. Aaah, thank you God for giving me the wisdom to lower my expectations of post-newborn life this time around. Where did I ever got the crazy notion that Silas would dart from the womb ready for shopping and playdates and...? Uh, yeah, that didn't happen. Home. Sweet. Home. That's where real life happens.

I also realize that my one-on-one time with Silas will probably take a little bit of a hit. I've already cried about it several times. That's one area where I really don't know what to expect though. This is our first time adding a child to our family so I'm just expecting to learn as I go. While I've referenced some of my books on newborn care recently, I've spent most of my time reading about Silas' development. A newborn's needs are fairly simple, but a toddler's needs are a little more complex. I'm praying for wisdom to handle Silas' needs appropriately.

Anyway, back to the nesting... Here are a few things I got done today...

1. Got all the newborn gear out of the closet. I had to warn Kevin not to panic when he walked into our bedroom! I mostly wanted to make sure we HAD everything, as well as wash/wipe down a few things.
 2. Got all the newborn clothes/accessories out of the closet. Let the washing commence!
 3. Commenced washing! But I still have a long way to go.
I'd say I feel somewhat accomplished!

On a side-note, I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. Sorry about that. I'm hoping to do more frequent updating in the next few weeks. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'll be posting a pregnancy update soon!


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