Apr 4, 2011

Nesting Update

The majority of the washing is now done, and Liam's clothes and neatly put away awaiting his arrival. Since Liam will be sharing a room with his Mama and Papa for a while, we decided to put his dresser in our room. That way we won't have to disturb Silas during those late night poop explosions. The dresser has shelves on top and drawers on the bottom so I've been searching for the right sized bins to fit on the shelves. I found the perfect ones at Target today and dressed them up a little bit by tying some labels on them. Here's the finished product...

I had room for four bins on the shelves so I divided them into sleepers, onesies and bottoms (mismatched), bibs and burp cloths, and outfits.
The bottom drawers hold blankets and towels for now. I may move the towels to the bathroom if I can make room in the bathroom closet, but that's a project for another day.
The bassinet/changing table, diaper genie, and baby hamper are also making their temporary home in our bedroom. We're ready to welcome our new roommate!


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