Apr 19, 2011

The Three Musketeers

The last couple of mornings I've been caring for these three musketeers!
I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet, but at the beginning of the year we began the process of trying to purchase a foreclosed home in our community. We were hoping to actually move in before the baby arrived, but it has turned out to be a L-O-N-G and S-L-O-W process. Well, of course, things finally started moving along a week before Liam's arrival! It's been crazy, but Kevin's Dad has been able to help him take care of a few things this week. The house is not officially ours yet, but I'll be updating as things progress. And we definitely plan on staying put in our apartment through May since Liam will be here soon. (That's the very short version of a very long story.. haha..) Anyway, Kevin's Dad works evenings and babysits Kamil and Kimeya during the day. But since he was helping Kevin, I helped out with the girls.
Silas loved having his cousins around to play, and it actually wasn't as tiring as I had expected. Silas and Kamil kept each other entertained, and I mostly had to care for Kimeya. 
We spent a lot of time outside yesterday. I put a blanket out for Kimeya to play on, but she mostly enjoyed "climbing" on Silas playset.
 I gave Silas and Kamil each a spray bottle, and they enjoyed "cleaning" Silas' playset. By the way, moms, if you're looking for simple, cheap fun for kids, dollar store spray bottles and a towel will provide great entertainment!
 Speaking of entertainment, cheap dollar store potting soil is another way to keep the kiddos occupied.. haha. Silas and Kamil made some good dirt soup while I put Kimeya down for her nap. 
Today we spent most of our time inside. We actually started out the morning outside, but Silas had some obedience issues that resulted in the loss of privilege to play outside. But that's another story...

I love watching kids play pretend...
And who wouldn't love watching this precious little one?
It's been a fun couple of days :)

I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow for an update on my pregnancy progress so stay tuned!


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