May 16, 2011

The Littlest Family Member

The next series of blog posts will be little updates about each family member individually. 

I'll go ahead and start with the littlest guy since he's had the least amount of adjusting to do! 
(Although, if he were be able to talk he may disagree! haha :)

It's funny how when a newborn baby enters the scene life sorta slows down. Days can feel like weeks and weeks can feels like months. Liam is just a little over two weeks now, but it feels like he's been with us forever! 
 Chillin' in the recliner after his first "real" bath

We stayed in the hospital with Liam a few extra days because he had jaundice. Although it was hard not to be able to hold him much during those first few days, he looked pretty peaceful under the lights. 
Liam's tanning bed

Liam's first couple of days home were a little rocky. He was pretty colicky, and we thought we may have another extremely fussy baby on our hands. In fact, one of the nurses even suspected that Liam may have a milk protein allergy like Silas did. Thankfully, the fussiness only lasted a couple of days, and we're happy to report that we now have a pretty content baby who does plenty of sleeping and not a whole lot of crying! Thank you, Jesus!
Sound asleep in Uncle Eric's arms

Liam's Mama and Papa hug and kiss on him a lot, but not nearly as much as his big brother does. Silas kisses Liam at least 100 times a day!
Best Buds

Sweet Kisses

At his most recent well-visit Liam was 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. We're so thankful for our healthy, growing boy!


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