Sep 1, 2011

August At Our House

Is August really over?  It sure did fly! As I'm sitting here trying to think of a theme for the month, all that comes to mind is HOT.. haha. We spent most of our time indoors, unfortunately.

Silas did enjoy being outside with his Papa on grass cuttin' days. I love the picture below. It looks like they're flying on the lawn mower. Also, Silas has his hands over his ears. He keeps his ears covered the whole time. Silly boy.
Meanwhile, back in the AC, I spent most of this month tackling PAPER. Of all the organizational tasks I've had to face since moving, I think this one was the most time consuming! I had TONS of filing, shredding, sorting, etc. to catch up on. 
Little by little I went through all of my magazines and pulled out the stuff that inspired me (recipes, pictures, articles, etc.).
Then I divided all the paper in our house into categories to make filing easier. By the way, anyone else hate paper? I'm trying to figure out a filing system that works for me, but I've yet to discover it. One of my upcoming projects is to create some sort of "inbox" to sort all of the paper that enters our home. The receipts alone are overwhelming! Any advice?
Aside from drowning in piles of paper, I also looked after these precious boys. They're a full time job, but an absolute joy to love on everyday. And just for the record, Liam turned 4 months on the 29th! It's so hard to believe how fast he's growing! And Silas made 2 1/2 on the 20th! The saying is so true, "The days are long, but the years are short."
One of this month's highlights was our return to story time at the library. A couple of Tuesdays ago I was desperate to get out of the house, so I decided to brave the great unknown and take both boys to story time during Liam's normal nap time. Thankfully, it went really well. Liam slept through most of it, and Silas really enjoyed singing all of his favorite songs with Mrs. Ranada. We'll definitely try to make this a part of our weekly schedule again.
But the real highlight of the month was our family vacation to Destin, FL. It was our first trip as a family of four. Kevin and I both needed/wanted to go on a little getaway, so when some sweet friends invited us to share a condo with them for a few days, we jumped on the offer. The best part about the trip was being with a couple of families that had kids around the same ages as our kids. It was nice to be able to relate to one another as parents. And, of course, Silas loved being with his friends--except he doesn't call them his friends, he calls them his "kids." Haha! Click on the picture below to see the whole family vacation picture album.
So aside from the intense heat, August turned out to be a great month. And although September is being ushered in by loads of rain, we're glad to see her arrive. We're hoping that the rain brings some relief from the heat and the opportunity to enjoy more of our backyard!

Until next time, 


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