Sep 14, 2011

Dear Liam

Dear Liam, you are 4.5 months old already! Mama hasn't been as good at sharing updates on your growth, but that's mainly due to the fact that you and your brother keep me very busy during the day. Nonetheless, you are definitely growing! At a recent doctor's visit we found out that you're over 16 lbs! I'm totally in love with your chubbiness. Your cheeks are the most kissable cheeks I've ever laid my lips on and your little thighs are perfect for pinching.  (I know you'll blush reading this one day, but I can't help myself.) About a month ago you started flipping and you haven't stopped since. You enjoy playing on your mat and pulling at toys. You are especially into putting things into your mouth. I call you my little puppy dog because of your current passion for chewing. I figured out why today when you popped your first tooth!
The other day I caught you with your knees tucked under your tummy and you were scooting toward your toys. Take all the time you need to practice. Mama knows she will have her hands full when you really take flight. 
As far as eating, you're a pro, but when it comes to sleeping, we've had our issues. You did however sleep through the night for the first time last night, which was just heavenly for your Mama! I'm thinking that tooth was keeping you awake. Hopefully we can both get a little more rest now.
You LOVE your big brother and always have a huge smile for him. I just know you two will be inseparable in a few years. You love your Mama and Papa to. And we love you, precious baby. It is our joy to love on you and care for you. You have brought indescribable joy to our family, and we look forward to watching you grow.


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