Sep 13, 2011

Mimi's Birthday

How do you know you have the best Mimi in the world? Of all the things she could be doing, she chooses to spend the day with you on her birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mimi!

We enjoyed having my Mom and Aunt Faith over today. It was my Mom's weekly Tuesday visit, and it also happened to be her birthday! Silas and I picked out some roses for her last night and made her a lemon drop cake (Pinterest scores again! :) Silas also picked out a balloon for his Mimi, but as she was leaving he decided that he would watch the balloon at his house instead of Mimi taking it to her house. We would have loved to get Liam in the birthday pictures, but he was napping at the time. Maybe next year.
We hope you enjoyed your day, Mimi! We love you!


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