Oct 27, 2011

From My Journal

 Slaying Giants

The following post is from my journal. It was written a while back. It was brought back to my mind this week as Kevin is away and I get to share a bed with Silas for a few days. I don't want to forget these special moments.

The night starts out with a story and some sweet snuggles in Mama's bed until his eyes can't stay open any longer. 

From there his limp body is gently carried to his own bed with hopes that he'll stay put for the night. 

But somewhere in the wee hours of the morning the shuffle of little feet can be heard coming down the hall.  

He's back.

And he's got his puppy and blanket dragging right behind him. 

His Papa picks him up and places him right in the middle where he feels warm, safe, and secure. 

He uses Mama as a pillow and Papa as a foot rest. 

His eyes close as soon as he arrives.

And our king-sized bed welcomes it's king for yet another night.

One day we're gonna miss this.

We love you, Silas Benjamin.

P.S. Thanks for keeping Mama all snuggled up while Papa is away.


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