Nov 30, 2011

A Letter From Liam (7 months)

Dear Mama's Blog Readers, 

Did y'all know I am 7 months now? Yep, when the number on the calendar is 29 that means I can celebrate another month of life. And I do mean celebrate. I pretty much love my life. When I'm hungry I get fed (even in the middle of the night). When I'm tired I get put to sleep. When I cry someone is always there to comfort me. People always smile and talk to me and tell me how cute I am. Yeah, I would say life is pretty awesome.
Did y'all know I have three teeth now? Yeah, they're all on the bottom. Mama is wondering where the top ones are. It's no fun when the teeth start popping through the gum. I usually cry a lot and want to be held all the time. But once they're out it's great because I love to eat. Sometimes when Mama cooks dinner she lets me sit in my high chair and munch on baby snacks all by myself. She doesn't mind the mess as long as I'm happy for a while.
I love my brother more than baby snacks. I want to be everywhere he is so that I can learn how to be a big boy like him.
Sometimes my brother gets aggravated if I try to eat his toys, but for the most part he likes playing with me.
I LOVE pulling up on the couch and walking from one end to the other. It makes me feel like such a big boy. Mama thinks I will be an early walker like my brother. I hope so.
I like to help Mama with the laundry. The laundry basket is just the right height for me to pull up on and reach for clothes. I don't like to fold the clothes though. I prefer chewing on the clothes and unfolding it.
My brother and I like to play with Mama's laundry basket and all kinds of other stuff around the house. We barely even play with our own toys. We keep Mama very busy.
My brother loves me and always gives me plenty of kisses. I can't wait to be able to do all the things he knows how to do. He's my best friend.
Well, thanks for reading about me. My Mama says hello. Love you guys!



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