Nov 19, 2011

Random Mommy Thoughts

This is so random, but...

1. Baby wipes are God's gift to Moms. I use them for everything. Seriously, don't tell anyone, but I even quick-clean the toilet seat with them when I have impromptu visitors stop by. So if you randomly stop by and I sneak into the bathroom, well... know that you'll be sitting on a nice clean baby-wipe-swiped toilet seat. Is that weird?

2. I must remember that the stuff my kids do now that annoy me the most will probably make for the best family memories some day. Like when I engraved my name into my Mom's wooden rocker with a lead pencil. Or when my brother did a cool "trick" at the Western Sizzlin which resulted in ketchup flying across the restaurant. I'm sure my parents were slightly annoyed in those moments, but now those stories make for the funniest memories. It's all about perspective, right?

3. I must rid my closet of all clothes that requires ironing. I must replace them with low maintenance, no-ironing-required pieces. It's no secret that I have laundry issues. It piles up around here. The wrinkles abound. But I have like two shirts that I can just pull from the pile, put on, and not look like I just got into a fight with the wrinkle monster. Needless to say, I wear them often. I must get more shirts like that. What's your favorite low maintenance fabric blend?

Ok, I'm done.

What are you random mommy thoughts tonight? 


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