Nov 10, 2011

Settling Back In

We find ourselves in transition again this week. After 12 days away from home (Kevin in Africa and the boys and I at my parent's house), we're all adjusting back to our normal routines. Saturday through Monday were definitely down days around here. If you read my post on Post-Vacation Fog, you know that we make it a priority to take some extra down time to revive after trips or times away from home. This takes on a whole new meaning for Kevin who is dealing with major jet lag from his crazy travel schedule across several time zones. He's been fitting in extra rest here and there to make up for the intense fatigue.

My strategy upon coming home took on the form of a to-do list. There were several things I knew I that I wanted/needed to get done this week, and I knew that unless I wrote everything down I would totally forget and not get anything done! (I tend toward paralysis when I feel overwhelmed with things to do.)

I've read a lot about the power of a to-do list, but I never have actually made a habit if using one. Well, after four days of checking things off the list I'm convinced that I need to make this a weekly habit.  I started by making a master to-do list when I got home. It was sort of a brain dump. I had over 20 things that I wanted/needed to get done this week, which felt quite overwhelming at first. But every day since Monday I've picked 3-4 things off the list that seemed reasonable to complete during that day. And things have actually been getting done!

Let me tell you, it's been so empowering to check things off the list! And not having to rely on my  Mommy brain memory every day has relieved a lot of stress!  But the best part is I can now SEE that I do actually DO get things done during the day! I don't know about y'all, but some days I look back and wonder, "Did I do anything besides wipe butts and clean noses today??" Well my to-do list is helping me to see that, yes, I do manage to complete other tasks that are important to our family! (Not that butt wiping isn't! Who wants to smell poop all day, right? ha!) 

Off to finish the last load of laundry, 


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