Dec 8, 2011

November at Our Home

A plate that my Mom displays every Fall. I love this quote.
  Although we're over a week into December, I still wanted to take a moment to look back into November to record what our family was up to.

The highlight was probably welcoming Kevin back from his mission trip to Africa. He captured many videos and pictures, which gave us a little glimpse into what he experienced. His stories of God's work there have encouraged our family and expanded and our hearts. You can check out several of the videos Kevin captured in Africa by clicking here.

I've continued to enjoy Weight Watchers. I'm officially 15 pounds lighter and still losing. I'm looking forward to getting a few new pieces of clothing that I don't have to constantly pull up or readjust. I've been experimenting a lot in the kitchen- a few success and many fails, but I'm embracing being a beginner!

About to be Hamburgers
 Silas helping me make orange muffins (using up the abundance of satsumas given to us by sweet friends and neighbors).
The best part of making orange muffins.

Speaking of Silas, he loves to help me in the kitchen. And although at times that means bigger messes than I would like to clean up, I know that helping with household tasks gives Silas feelings of significance and belonging, two of his greatest needs at this age. So I'm making an extra effort to find little ways that he can help out around the house.

About mid-November snotty noses became popular around here. Liam also cut his third tooth, which made for several days of glued-to-the-recliner-rocking-miserable-baby days. And then yesterday the doctor discovered that Liam has a double ear infection, which has surely contributed to his misery the last few days. We're hoping to have both boys well by Christmas. 

Thanksgiving was bittersweet this year as my grandmother was sick in the hospital. She passed away the day after Thanksgiving. My fondest memories of my Grandmother, Lucy (my Dad's Mom), include being in her kitchen watching her cook while listening to her retell stories of when she was little a little girl. I would often go over to her house just so that I could hear those stories. I will always remember her hands and her smell and her teacher's heart and her love for sweets. Her home holds so many of my favorite childhood memories, as she always provided so many opportunities for make-believe play for all of her grandchildren. She will be missed.
Silas made a new friend on Thanksgiving Day- Leila, my cousin's beautiful dog.
 Liam meeting Leila

As November drew to a close I was determined to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. I'm usually the last-minute shopper, dawning the doors of Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve trying to find those last few gifts. This year I took advantage of cyber Monday, and I think it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's making December a little less stressful and allowing me to focus on people this season rather than being consumed with shopping for gifts. 
 Liam now has his own kitchen cabinet.

December has already brought us new adventures, as Silas is making great strides in the area of potty training. I've taken a really really laid back approach to potty training, and we're finally reaping the benefits.

Our calendar is filling up quickly as Christmas approaches. We're looking forward to spending time with friends and family as we celebrate Christ's birth together. My goal is to keep Christ at the forefront of everything we do and to give my children the gift of a Spirit-filled Mom this busy holiday season. I read a quote by Sally Clarkson which really gave me some perspective: "...holidays can be so delightful and so stressful. Children have more sugar, less sleep, have to share more, are in unexpected places, and so the potential for disaster is higher. Knowing this, the best way to arm ourselves is by clothing ourselves with the Holy Spirit and give them the gift of a Spirit-filled mom!"

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas,


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